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2014 оны 1-р сар 21, Мягмар гариг


Member of the Economic Policy Council of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ph.D.                                


Graduate of Secondary school No.21 of the capital city; College of Law; and the National University of Mongolia, School of Law. Alumni of Moscow State Institute of International Relations. An international lawyer, and an Economist.

Completed professional development courses at The Hague Academy of International Law, the Maastricht School of Governance, Tokyo Training Institute of the International Monetary Fund, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; and worked as a Visiting professor at George Washington University in the United States at invitation.

Work experience highlights:

Since 2016                Director of Steppe Copper LLC, Chairman of the Board of SteppeArena LLC,

Since 2016                President of Chuluun Shastir NGO,

Since 2013                President of Mongolian Archery Association,

2010-2013                 Member of the Board of Directors of Oyu Tolgoi LLC,

Since 2010                Chairman of the Board, Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center,

2009-2016                 Advisor to the President; Senior Advisor to the President; and Chief of Office of the President of Mongolia,

2004-2006                 Minister of Education, Culture, and Science of Mongolia; Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia,

1998-2004                 Entrepreneur, CEO of several companies, Board Member /Steppe Solar LLC; Delta Foundation/,

1996-1998                 Finance Minister,

1995-1996                 General Director, Golomt Bank,

1992-1995                 President’s Deputy Assistant in charge of Parliamentary affairs,

1992                         Deputy Minister of Labor of Mongolia,

1990-1992                 Assistant to the Secretary General of the Office of the State Baga Khural /Biraa Chimid/,

1985-1990                 Chief Coordinator, and Officer at the Central Council of Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union.

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