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The newest EPCRC publication, a book "Where are we going? " is published

2020 оны 6-р сар 02, Мягмар гариг

Ahead of upcoming Parliamentary and local election in Mongolia, EPCRC is introducing its newest publication, “Where are we?”. The book is intended for all candidates regardless of political agenda, as well as anyone who is interested in this topics. The book reveals current competitiveness and development progress of all provinces, soums of Mongolia and districts of Ulaanbaatar city.   

The book consists of two chapters, first chapter shows key results of provincial and district competitiveness report of Mongolia. Second chapter offers an expert opinion on What is investment? And focuses on foreign investment policy and its links to improving competitiveness index.

   “Just as a runner needs a stopwatch to measure his speed and a blood pressure monitoring device to monitor his/her health, competitiveness studies will help you to see what is going on with your Aimag or districts, in the frame of competitiveness.

 In this book, you will have information on competitiveness of provinces or districts you are interested in, evaluated in several ways, and you can see where we are, what we need to pay more attention to, and how quickly it is developing or declining compared to others. Just as stopwatches and blood pressure monitoring devices are not politicized, our research report reflects reality and development.

Therefore, Mongolia, with its relatively small, young population, abundant mineral resources, closeness to the market and relatively well-developed information technology has a full opportunity to create a development miracle given that it has consistent and stable policy. Your contribution and efforts are invaluable to this cause and if not us then who will? We are the children of one family, and If we stay together, nothing is impossible.

Tsagaan,P  PhD

Chairman of the Board, EPCRC

   Since 2010, EPCRC has been releasing Competitiveness Reports of Provinces, Districts of Ulaanbaatar city and Mongolia, including the advantages and disadvantages of competitiveness, the best and worst metrics, statistical tables, the evolution of competitiveness and challenges.

   If you want to learn more about our newly released book, "Where are we going?" "and other research reports published by our team , you can contact us via 976-11-321927 or send an e-mail to info@ecrc.mn

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